Uzuma Mangata Slim Tea


Uzuma Mangata Slim Tea is the perfect companion for the Uzuma SLIM juicing program. Uzuma Mangata is a slimming tea with powerful properties to help you reach your weight loss goal even faster. Uzuma Mangata is ideal for drinking when following the SLIM programme, or when simply looking for a health boost!

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€ 14.95

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Uzuma Mangata: Powerful Slim Tea

Uzuma is introducing two new flavours of tea that we specifically designed to be the perfect fit for our juicing programmes: Uzuma Meraki for cleansing with Uzuma DETOX, and Uzuma Mangata for our Uzuma SLIM weight loss programme. Uzuma Mangata is the natural slimming tea that supports your weight loss regimen.

Uzuma Mangata

The word “Mangata” cannot be easily translated into other languages. It is a Swedish expression that means “the road-like reflection from the light of the moon on the water”. Like a shimmering reflection of a road as a symbol for good things to come, Uzuma Mangata will guide you along your path to a bright future.

What is Uzuma Mangata Tea? 

Uzuma Mangata Slim Tea is made from carefully selected ingredients, so it can aid you with your weight-loss regimen. It contains green tea, lemongrass (36%), and ginger (10%), as well as aromas (3.5%) for a great taste.

The healthful ingredients in Uzuma Mangata 

Green tea has been known since ancient times for its healthful benefits. As a natural yet mild stimulant, it boosts your metabolism and aids with burning fat. Green tea is very rich in powerful antioxidants that support all-around good health.

The healing power of ginger is known within Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Tea made from the ginger root is a natural appetite suppressant that helps with losing weight. It also improves circulation and can remedy an upset stomach or sore muscles.

Another plant that has long been used for its extraordinary properties is lemongrass. Lemongrass supports a healthy digestive system, boosts the metabolism, and helps you flush out fat.

The benefits of Uzuma Mangata for losing weight 

Here at Uzuma, we have dedicated ourselves to harnessing the power of natural ingredients and concentrating it down into its rawest form. Uzuma Mangata contains green tea, ginger, and lemongrass, and combines all these healthful benefits into a single tea, supporting optimal weight loss.

Uzuma Mangata:

• Boosts metabolism to encourage fast weight loss
• Helps burn fat more effectively
• Reduces bloating
• Cleanses the body

Uzuma Mangata: 100% Natural and Safe 

Uzuma Mangata is made without using any synthetic chemicals; it is entirely vegan and 100% natural and safe. Uzuma Mangata Slim Tea burns stored fat, reduces bloating, and cleanses your body from the inside. It is the ideal slimming tea to complement our Uzuma SLIM juicing programme!

How does it work? 

Being well-hydrated is important when you want to have success with losing weight. Not getting enough fluids can slow down your body’s efficiency so that nutrients cannot be fully utilised. During your slimming regimen, it is important that you drink at least 2 litres of water or tea, evenly spread out over the day, in addition to your Uzuma SLIM juices.

How to take Uzuma Mangata 

For each day on the Uzuma SLIM programme, you should consume 3 cups of tea. Use approx. 2 grams of tea to make one cup (250ml). Ideally, you should drink 1 cup of tea early in the morning, 1 cup in the afternoon, and 1 cup in the evening.

Uzuma Mangata without the Slim Program 

You can enjoy Uzuma Mangata without following our SLIM program. In such a case, drink at least 3 cups of tea per day for best results. Make sure you maintain a healthy and balanced diet as well, so you can reach your weight loss goal.

How long to take Uzuma Mangata 

You can drink the tea every day, but should not drink more than 4 cups per day. It is important that you keep drinking enough water besides the tea. Furthermore, you should follow the Uzuma Mangata tea regimen for no more than 4 weeks.


One bag of Uzuma Mangata Slim Tea contains 100 grams of tea, enough to make 50 cups of tea (2 grams for 1 250ml cup).