About us

Uzuma Green Juices Building

Mother Nature has a wealth of bountiful nourishment to offer us. At Uzuma we have dedicated ourselves to harnessing this natural power and concentrating it down into its rawest form – Green Juice. It is an art form that we have spent many sleepless nights perfecting, but it has paid off with some of the best tasting and healthiest cold press green slow juices around. Nothing is more important than one’s health, and the potent natural goodness of Uzuma juice ensures it is the best it can be.

The Uzuma Mission

The body is a well-oiled machine that needs to be looked after and maintained. It is sometimes easy to forget this, with the busy life many of us lead; and it can be hard to find the time required to keep things running smoothly and get the nutrition we need. Through our raw green juice, we aim to deliver the essential nutrition your body yearns for to stay at its peak condition – all in a quick, easy and tasty format, meaning there is no excuse for neglecting your health, no matter your goals or your lifestyle. Our raw green juices are so nutritious, that drinking just one 240ml bottle is the equivalent of eating over 1KG of fruit and veg!

100% Raw. 100% Benefit.

Through our rigorous research process, and trial and error, we have developed a cold press technique that ensures maximum nutrition is extracted from our fruit and veg. There is no wastage, cooking, heat pasteurization, spinning blades, additives or preservatives involved in the production of our green juice. What you get is 100% raw, fresh, green slow juice, packed to the brim with natural goodness and unadulterated taste – not something you can say for most store bought juice!

Fresh to your door

Our green juices go straight into the bottle and then sent directly to your door. To ensure they arrive fresh and ready for consumption, we have created dedicated packaging that combines APS foam and cold gel packs to keep them safe and chilled on their way to you.

The Company

We are a small band of likeminded individuals working out in the countryside of Holland, where the land is fresh and green. It is healthy living and the desire to use what Mother Nature so readily offers us that brought us all together, and we now produce some of the healthiest and natural green juice around. We spend our days sourcing the purest, most fresh and sumptuous fruit and veg, pressing juice and experimenting to create recipes that are both tantalising to the taste and bursting with nutrients. If it sounds like fun – it’s because it is!

Committed to Service

If there is one thing we understand, it is that our customers want an easy and quick way to help support and maintain their good health. We have done all of the research, the pain staking long hours and rigorous quality control to ensure that you have nothing to worry about, all you need to do is drink. The Uzuma experience doesn’t stop there though, we are on hand to offer advice, deal with any quires and just generally be there for you, both before and after your purchase. Need help understanding something? Send us a message. Got a subject area you want more information on? Let us know and we will help. If it’s juice related, we are there – and we pride ourselves on it.