Choose Your Green Juice Program

The Uzuma programs have been specially designed to offer all of our customers an easy, hassle free way to enjoy our green juices, whilst getting the most out of the nutritional content. Each one of our programs has been tailored with a specific health goal in mind, and can put you on the track to both a healthier lifestyle and state of wellbeing. No matter what your reasons for drinking Uzuma green juice, the Uzuma programs will help support you in your goals.

To get our recommendation on which Uzuma green juice program is best suited to you, please fill in the BMI calculator below.

Program SLIM

Program SLIM is our most intensive program, it has been specifically designed to for those who wish to rapidly lose weight in a safe manner. This program replaces all of your daily meals with a strict regime of nutritious green juice – allowing the kilos to fall away whilst keeping the body healthy and brimming with nutrition.

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Program STEADY

Program STEADY has been designed to help those looking to lose a little bit of weight, or maintain a current weight goal - all without the ‘yo-yo’ effect seen with so many other diets. With this program, you can cut down on your calorie intake whilst maintaining all of the nutrition your body needs to stay in top condition.

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Program FIT

Designed to help you get the best out of a healthy lifestyle, program FIT has been specifically tailored to be the perfect supplement to your everyday diet. It is perfectly suited to those who are already maintaining a healthy weight, but want to boost their nutritional intake, or are looking for an easy and convenient way to ensure they are getting all of their daily fruit and vegetable requirements. Remember, one bottle of Uzuma juice has the nutritional value of over 1 kilo of fresh fruit and vegetables!

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