Our Mission

At Uzuma we look at juice a bit differently. Through state of the art cold pressing techniques, and a perfect blend of fresh fruit and vegetables, we are able to produce raw green juice that maintains the natural flavor and high nutrient content of our freshly picked produce – bringing forth a wealth of great tastes and health benefits.

With this you get a glimpse at the core of our being, our ideology and our mission. The great majority of supermarket juice is not made with your health in mind. It goes through heat pasteurization, which kills off beneficial enzymes and destroys precious nutrients; it spends large amounts of time in storage vats as it is transported across the globe, and it has extra sugar, preservative sand additives put in it to change the flavor and extend its shelf life. This is not how juice should be, so we have set out to make change.

Through a lot of sleepless nights and busy days we have formulated a range of pure, raw, unadulterated green juices, with no heat pasteurization, long storage times of additives involved. We have not made our recipes up out of thin air either, each juice has been lovingly and creatively crafted to ensure the correct blend of fruit and vegetables to produce optimal nutrition and a sumptuous flavor.

Individually, each of our juices makes a great addition to an active lifestyle, acting as a quick and convenient way to boost your nutrient intake. As part of a program, the juices work in tandem with each other, giving you the right profile of nutrients at certain points throughout the day – just when you need them.

Irrespective of your reasons for wanting raw green juice, be it to lose weight, boost wellbeing, or simply increase your nutrient intake, we will produce fresh green juice for you that encapsulates the true, unbridled power of nature, just as it should be – all straight to your door.