Our Product

Mother Nature has a wealth of bountiful nourishment to offer us. At Uzuma we have dedicated ourselves to harnessing this natural power and concentrating it down into its rawest form – green juice. It is an art form that we have spent many a sleepless night perfecting, but it has paid off with some of the best cold press juices around. Nothing is more important than health, and the potent natural goodness of Uzuma juice ensures it is the best it can be.

What is Uzuma raw green juice?

Slow juice, also sometimes referred to as cold pressed juice or green juice, is the result of vegetables and fruit that have been squeezed and pressed, without the involvement of any heat or pasteurization. At Uzuma we use the finest and freshest ingredients to press and blend some of the most nutritional and tasty juice around. It results in green juice that is 100% fresh, 100% raw and 100% healthy.

How is Uzuma green juice different to supermarket juice?

There are some major fundamental differences between our juice and the juice you are likely to find in a supermarket. Unlike Uzuma juice, supermarket juice is not made with your health in mind. It is produced to be cost effective, easy to transport and have a long shelf life. The processes involved in this, namely spinning blade extraction, heat pasteurization, long storage times, and the addition of extra sugars, preservatives and additives, all work to destroy and lessen the natural and beneficial nutrient and enzyme content of the juice.

On the flipside the production of Uzuma raw green juice all revolves around our core principle of producing a healthy and nutritious juice. As such, we do not employ any of the above production techniques. What you get from us is a pure, fresh, raw and unadulterated juice – freshly pressed and shipped to your door. Our green juice is so nutritional potent, that one 240 ml bottle contains the nutritional equivalent of over 1 kilo of fresh fruit and vegetables.