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Uzuma BREAK is the perfect juicing programme for all those with a modern lifestyle. Whether you’re busy at work or need to take care of your family at home, with Uzuma BREAK, you can help give your body all that it needs. When you simply can’t find the time to eat the right amount of fruit and vegetables each day, Uzuma BREAK is there for you!

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Programme BREAK
Uzuma Bottles
2 bottles of 240ml each per day



The Uzuma Break Juice Programme 

The Uzuma Break Juicing Programme comprises 6 different Uzuma slow juices, which we carefully selected for this particular programme. The Uzuma juices included in the BREAK box include 2x KARMA, 3x SHINE, 2x ZEN, 3x AURA, 2x RISE, and 2x FUSE, making for a total of 14 Uzuma juices for one week of juicing.

Why Uzuma Break? 

Maintaining a healthy diet that’s rich in fresh fruits and vegetables isn’t always easy. With work, family, and social obligations, Uzuma Break is the perfect juicing programme to support healthier nutrition, no matter how busy you are!

What is Uzuma Break? 

The Uzuma Break programme consists of 6 different varieties of Uzuma juice, for a total of 14 juices to drink over one week! With Uzuma BREAK, you can provide your body with the recommended amount of healthy fruits and vegetables conveniently and deliciously. Each bottle of Uzuma slow juice that comes in the BREAK box contains the equivalent of at least 1kg of fruits and vegetables!

We created Uzuma Break as a complement to your normal diet—no need to make major changes to your lifestyle. Think of each juice as a replacement for the snacks you would munch on throughout the day. All you need to do is to keep the juices from the Uzuma Break programme cool and drink 2 every day.

How Uzuma Break Works  

When we’re pressed for time, we often fail to maintain a healthy diet and are unable to reach peak performance at school or work. We designed the Uzuma Break programme so you can easily integrate it into your busy lifestyle. By adding the high nutritional value of Uzuma juices into a healthy diet, you can ensure your body has everything it needs throughout the day. 

Like mentioned above, Uzuma Break involves cutting out snacks and substituting them with the healthful Uzuma juices from the Uzuma BREAK box. Drink one bottle of juice in the morning and one in the afternoon, combined with at least two litres of water and three healthy, balanced meals per day.

What you get with Uzuma Break 

The Uzuma Break slow juice programme is available in weekly packs. Each box contains enough for two bottles of juice per day, for 7 days.

For more information on each juice, its ingredients and nutritional information, refer to our product page. All juices contain a wide array of beneficial nutrients, compounds, and enzymes.


Uzuma Karma is a nutritional giant. It is rich in healthful vitamins, valuable minerals, and flavonoids to boost your overall health and wellbeing, including your immune system, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system. Uzuma Karma is made from apple, spinach, kale, broccoli stalk, cucumber, and banana. Like all of our Uzuma slow juices, Uzuma Karma is 100% raw and fresh, and is free of preservatives, additives, and sweeteners.


Uzuma Zen strikes the perfect balance with its blend of healthful ingredients. Made from apple, cucumber, fennel, avocado, spinach, kale, broccoli, and a squeeze of lime, Uzuma Zen contains a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds that keep your mind centered and bring your body back into equilibrium!


Uzuma Aura is a tasty, fresh green juice made from a special blend of green vegetables and fruits. It contains granny smith apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, passion fruit, a pinch of ginger for a slight kick, and a squeeze of lime. The well-balanced nutrients and vitamins in Uzuma Aura will restore, boost, and maintain your natural glow!


Uzuma Rise contains a refreshing blend of fruits and veggies, which makes it the perfect juice to start your day! It contains all the healthful freshness of orange, granny smith apple, pineapple, and carrot, with a squeeze of lemon for a little zest. Uzuma Rise contains plenty of nutrients and vitamins so you can get right into gear in the morning. Uzuma Rise is simply the best thing that can happen for your breakfast! 


With Uzuma Shine, you get all the fruits and veggies to make your true self shine! This healthy raw juice is made from orange, carrot, cantaloupe, and mango, which gives it a tantalisingly tropical taste! It is loaded with copious amounts of vitamins and minerals that boost your defences and give your skin a more radiant and youthful appearance!


With Uzuma Fuse, your mind and body will have all it needs to stay active and in control, no matter how hectic your life may be! This refreshing juice is made from a blend of carrot, apple, celery, cucumber, beetroot, and two zesty squeezes of lime. It has a great taste, and thanks to its high nutritional value and many vitamins, minerals, and other healthful compounds, promotes robust health and wellbeing. Uzuma Fuse keeps your body firing all throughout the day!

How many weeks does the Uzuma Break Programme Last?  

How long you choose to stay on the Uzuma Break programme is at your complete discretion! You don’t need to actually replace your meals with juice, which means you can take a “BREAK” for just one week or you can stay with the programme for as long as you want!

Simply include Uzuma slow juices in your regular diet and make sure you are drinking enough water—and away you go! When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, Uzuma Break can help support weight loss and promote energy and overall well-being.

Why not normal juice?

Simply put, nothing comes close to cold pressed slow juice. Unlike green slow juice, most commercial juice is not made with preserving nutritional and health content in mind. They harness cost effective methods, often involving spinning blade extraction and heat pasteurization. Unfortunately, this destroys much of the nutritional and enzyme content contained within the juice. Not to mention that they are then often filled with preservatives, extra sugar and additives.

Even fresh juice from most shop bought juicers won’t compare to Uzuma slow juice. Once again, this is because most juicers use spinning blades to produce juice. This generates heat and acts as a destructive manner of extraction. Cold pressed slow juice, as the name would suggest, involves no heat or spinning blades. We harness some of the latest juicing technology to squeeze and press every last drop of juice from our fruit and vegetables, without compromising or damaging the nutritional value of it.

You get nothing but pure, raw juice from Uzuma, with no additives, preservatives or compromise – just the raw, unbridled power of nature as it was meant to be. Drinking 1 bottle of Uzuma slow juice contains the nutritional equivalent of eating over a kilo of fresh fruit and vegetables!

If the BREAK programme doesn’t quite meet your requirements, why not consider one of our other Uzuma programmes?

SLIM Programme: Our SLIM programme has been specifically designed to aid overweight people in losing their excess weight in a quick, healthy and safe manner. The high nutrient content and low calorie intake will have kilos falling away in no time!

DETOX Programme: Programme DETOX is all about pushing the reset button. Our nutritious, easy to digest slow juices will give your body the rest and tools it needs to repair itself whilst bring your systems back into balance – eliminating anything holding you back. You will receive 7 bottles of our fresh healthy slow juice for each day, keeping you on track as you prepare to enter into a healthier lifestyle.

FIT Programme: Not everyone wants to start a regime or make massive changes to the way they live, but that doesn’t mean nutrition is not important. The Uzuma FIT programme is there for anyone who wants to include an extra potent dose of nutrition as part of their daily lifestyle, without having to make their daily diet revolve around it – simply promoting a better level of health and wellbeing.

STEADY Programme: Our Uzuma STEADY programme is made for those looking to control and maintain their current weight. The combination of high nutrition, steady calorie intake and healthy meals will help you keep your weight goals on a level, avoiding the yoyo effect of so many other diets. We supply you with weekly packs of slow juice to ensure you are getting everything you need! 4 bottles for each day.

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