SLIM Combination Programme


The Uzuma Combination SLIM Programme with Uzuma slow juices and Mangata slimming tea is your complete all-in-one weight loss package. It contains everything you need to lose weight fast, safely, and responsibly.

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Lose weight, quickly and responsibly

The Uzuma SLIM Programme is the best, safest, and most effective way to lose weight with Uzuma slow juices. As part of the programme, you will receive our nutrient-packed, cold-pressed Uzuma slow juices and the Uzuma Mangata slimming tea—all in one convenient package. Kickstart your healthy weight loss journey with Uzuma, and provide your body with supreme nutrition as the weight comes off!

How it works 

Uzuma Combination SLIM Programme is a high-nutrient, low-calorie package designed to help you shed weight and reduce bloating in a fast and safe manner. Uzuma SLIM is easy and straightforward to follow. The combination of supreme nutrition, low calories, and high water content allows your body to cleanse itself and burn more calories than are being consumed, all while maintaining healthy levels of nutrition. This will aid rapid weight loss so that the kilos come off fast and easy! 

Being well-hydrated is important when you want to have success with losing weight. Not getting enough fluids can slow down your body’s efficiency so that nutrients cannot be fully utilised. During the Combination Slim Programme, it is important that you drink at least 1.5 litres of water, evenly spread out over the day, in addition to the Uzuma SLIM juices and the Mangata tea.

What you get 

You will receive 7 bottles of slow juice for each day of your slimming regimen. You get one of each of our flavours. This way, you can take advantage of the full spectrum of our slow juices and their powerful health benefits. The Uzuma Combination SLIM Programme will provide you with superior nutrition and low calorie intake for the days of juicing. Next to this, you will receive one bag of Mangata Slim tea (100 grams) for the best results. 

For more information on each juice and the health benefits of their respective ingredients, see the product and ingredient sections of our website.

How to lose weight with the Uzuma Combination Slim Programme 

Losing weight with the Uzuma Combination SLIM Programme could not be easier. For each of the three days, you consume 7 bottles of Uzuma juice, 3 cups of Uzuma Mangata tea, and at least 1.5 litres of water. For the best results, drink these at regular intervals spread throughout the day. Preferably in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.

Unlike other slimming programs, the Uzuma Combination SLIM programme involves completely replacing all your meals and snacks with juice. There is no food involved as you are slimming.

Extra Tip: When you drink 2 glasses of water before your first “breakfast juice”, this will fire up your metabolism, aid you with losing weight, and will wake up your other systems in the morning.

What to do during the Slim Programme 

Slimming with this programme means there will be a large drop in your calorie intake. It is therefore best not to do anything too strenuous during the programme. If you wish to exercise, consider only light activities such as yoga. The Uzuma Combination SLIM programme can be quite intensive—so keep it easy and don’t overdo it!

Why not normal juice or tea? 

Many commercial juices are not made with health in mind, and do not preserve their nutritional value. They are often made using the most cost-effective methods, such as spinning blade extraction and heat pasteurisation. This destroys much of the nutritional and enzyme content contained within juice. To make matters worse, many other juices also contain preservatives, extra sugar, and additives.

Uzuma slow juices are entirely different. We have dedicated ourselves to harnessing the power of natural ingredients and concentrating them down into their rawest form. Likewise, the Uzuma Mangata slimming tea contains green tea, ginger, and lemongrass, combining the healthful benefits of these ingredients into a single tea for optimal weight loss. It goes perfect with the Uzuma SLIM slow juices!

Safety notes 

Uzuma slow juice programmes are not meant as a long-term or permanent dietary replacement. Although our juices are jam-packed with goodness and nutrients, and the SLIM programme is not harmful if conducted responsibly, your body will require higher levels of calories and solid food in the long-term. Our SLIM programme is meant to act as an intensive kickstarter for losing weight.

After finishing the Combination SLIM programme, it is possible to maintain healthy nutrition by transitioning over to one of our other Uzuma programmes.

If the SLIM Combination Programme doesn’t quite meet your requirements, why not consider one of our other Uzuma programmes?

SLIM Programme: Our SLIM programme has been specifically designed to aid overweight people in losing their excess weight in a quick, healthy and safe manner. The high nutrient content and low calorie intake will have kilos falling away in no time!

DETOX Programme: Programme DETOX is all about pushing the reset button. Our nutritious, easy to digest slow juices will give your body the rest and tools it needs to repair itself whilst bring your systems back into balance – eliminating anything holding you back. You will receive 7 bottles of our fresh healthy slow juice for each day, keeping you on track as you prepare to enter into a healthier lifestyle.

FIT Programme: Not everyone wants to start a regime or make massive changes to the way they live, but that doesn’t mean nutrition is not important. The Uzuma FIT programme is there for anyone who wants to include an extra potent dose of nutrition as part of their daily lifestyle, without having to make their daily diet revolve around it – simply promoting a better level of health and wellbeing.

STEADY Programme: Our Uzuma STEADY programme is made for those looking to control and maintain their current weight. The combination of high nutrition, steady calorie intake and healthy meals will help you keep your weight goals on a level, avoiding the yoyo effect of so many other diets. We supply you with weekly packs of slow juice to ensure you are getting everything you need! 4 bottles for each day.