Programme SLIM


Our Uzuma Slim program has been specifically designed for those looking to lose weight in a fast and safe manner. We supply you with 7 bottles of highly nutritionally diverse slow juices for each day of the program, as well as our specially designed Uzuma app to help you manage your regime. When combined with the desire to lose weight, Uzuma Slim will have the kilos melting away.

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Programme SLIM
Uzuma Bottles
7 bottles of 240ml each per day



Lose weight, quickly and responsibly

What is it?

Our Uzuma SLIM programme is a high nutrient, low calorie package designed to help you shed kilograms and reduce bloat in a fast and safe manner. The unique blend of fruit and vegetables found within our slow juices ensures your body has all of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, whilst actively cutting down on the calories, fats and carbs being consumed. This all natural, 100% raw, green, slow juice programme will help your weight drop away and kick start a healthy lifestyle in no time – all without that nasty “starving” feeling.

How it works

The concept behind our slow juice SLIM programme is a simple one. The combination of supreme nutrition, low calories and high water content allows the body to clear itself out and burn more calories than are being consumed, all the while maintaining healthy levels of nutrition. This acts to aid rapid weight loss, helping it fall away.

Uzuma slow juice is 100% raw, cold pressed slow juice. This means that the integrity of all of the natural nutrients, enzymes and compounds is kept intact – something you do not get with standard juice. This gives the body an often much needed injection of nutrition, supplying it with the building blocks it requires to maintain good health and wellbeing. In addition to this, consuming nothing but slow juice and water during the SLIM programme effectively clears out the digestive tract. This not only means that the body is receiving a period of super nutrition, but is also being allowed to flush out all of the nasties holding back, allowing it to return to optimal efficiency - It is a combination that is ideal for weight loss.

What you get

You will receive 7 bottles for each day – one of each of our flavors. This gives you the full spectrum of our slow juices, and all of the advantages and powerful health benefits packed within them – combining super nutrition with low calorie intake.

For more information on each juice and the health benefits given by their respective ingredients, see our product and ingredient sections of the website.

How many days should I do?

How many days of Programme SLIM undertaken will completely be at your discretion, and depends on your willpower, situation and desire to lose weight. You can take the SLIM programme indefinitely until you reach your weight goal. We would not advise conducting the programme for over 18 days.


Performing the Slim program could not be easier. For each day of the program you must consume 7 bottles of Uzuma juice and at least 2 liters of water. The best way to do this is to drink these at regular intervals throughout the day. For best results we strongly advise using the Uzuma app, an easy to use program management app that will tell you what to drink and when – ensuring your body is receiving the optimal nutrition at any given time.

Note: It is extremely important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day in addition to the juices when undergoing the Slim program - it is an essential part of the weight loss process. As an extra tip, try drinking 2 glasses of water before your first “breakfast” juice, as this will fire up your metabolism - aiding weight loss and waking up your other systems.

Unlike our other programs, the Slim program involves completely replacing all meals and snacks with juice – there is no other food involved.

Getting the most out of the Slim program: Using the Uzuma app

If you want to get the most out of the Slim program then it is important to download and use our free, specially crafted Uzuma app. This handy app has been designed to make managing your program a breeze. It reminds you when to drink your juice and water, and in what order – allowing you get on with your life and whilst getting the optimal amount of nutrients at just the right time.

The Uzuma app is available for free on both Android and iOS devices.

What to do during the SLIM programme

Due to the large reduction in calorie intake, it is best not to perform anything too strenuous during the SLIM programme. If you wish to exercise, consider yoga and other light activates. The SLIM programme can be quite intensive due to its lack of meals – so don’t overdo it!

Why not normal juice?

Simply put, nothing comes close to cold pressed slow juice. Unlike green slow juice, most commercial juice is not made with preserving nutritional and health content in mind. They harness cost effective methods, often involving spinning blade extraction and heat pasteurization. Unfortunately, this destroys much of the nutritional and enzyme content contained within the juice. Not to mention that they are then often filled with preservatives, extra sugar and additives.

Even fresh juice from most shop bought juicers won’t compare to Uzuma slow juice. Once again, this is because most juicers use spinning blades to produce juice. This generates heat and acts as a destructive manner of extraction. Cold pressed slow juice, as the name would suggest, involves no heat or spinning blades. We harness some of the latest juicing technology to squeeze and press every last drop of juice from our fruit and vegetables, without compromising or damaging the nutritional value of it.

You get nothing but pure, raw juice from Uzuma, with no additives, preservatives or compromise – just the raw, unbridled power of nature as it was meant to be. Drinking 1 bottle of Uzuma slow juice contains the nutritional equivalent of eating over a kilo of fresh fruit and vegetables!

Safety notes

Our slow juice programmes are not meant to be a long-term or permanent dietary replacement. Although our juices are jam-packed with goodness and nutrients, and the SLIM program is not harmful if conducted responsibly, your body will require higher levels of calories and solid food in the long term. Our SLIM program is meant to act as an intensive kick-starter to losing weight.

After the initial SLIM programme, it is possible to maintain healthy nutrition by moving over to one of our other two Uzuma programmes.

STEADY Programme: Once you have reached your desired weight, our STEADY programme can help you maintain it. It has been specifically designed to help you control your weight with a blend of nutrient rich slow juice to supplement healthy eating. Whether you have just come off our SLIM programme, or are simply are happy with your current weight and want help controlling it, the STEADY programme has what you need.

FIT Programme: Not everyone wants to start a regime or make massive changes to the way they live, but that doesn’t mean nutrition is not important. The Uzuma FIT programme is there for anyone who wants to include an extra potent dose of nutrition as part of their daily lifestyle, without having to make their daily diet revolve around it – simply promoting a better level of health and wellbeing.

Reviews (43)

Title : Highly recommended
Comment : I needed a quick juice cleanse and found the Slim Program. It lasts for 4 days and you drink 7 juices a day plus water. I did feel a bit grouchy on day 2, however this was gone by the third day. The juices are very fresh and taste very healthy. A wide range of fruits and vegetables are used in the juices including spinach, kale, carrots, beetroot, cucumber, apple, mango and bananas. I did not feel hungry only having the juices and water as they are very filling. I was in a better mood, slept better and had more energy.
(Programme SLIM)

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Title : Het gaat erg goed!
Comment : 3 dagen geleden een pakket ontvangen. Alle flesjes waren nog bevroren, dus ik heb ze een nachtje in de koelkast gezet. De volgende dag waren ze nog lekker koud en goed om te drinken. De shine en de rise zijn het lekkerst, de zen vond ik iets minder, maar nog steeds goed te doen. Nu na 3 dagen ben ik inmiddels 1,9 kilo afgevallen, dat gaat erg snel. Honger heb ik niet, wel "lekkere" honger :) Maar ik ga dit doorzetten ! Ben erg tevreden over de service and producten.
(Programme SLIM)

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Title : No complaints
Comment : I decided to try the Slim programme for 2 weeks. I am very happy I did because it has been helping me lose a lot of weight and I now feel more alert throughout the day. This is a huge factor because I am usually very tired while I am working, so the Slim programme has definitely boosted my energy level a lot. At first, I did feel a little dizzy and grouchy for a day or two, but that wore off very quickly. I usually have a nice lunch, but in place of that, I drank my juice instead. This took a little getting used too, but now it is no problem. Overall, the product to me was well worth the investment because I can monitor how much food I am eating and feel better about myself. My favorite is the Zen. It is flavored like apple and cucumber and reminds me of nice summer afternoons.
(Programme SLIM)

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