Avocados are a tasty treat that are loved by many the world over - the fact that nutritionists deem them to pretty much be a perfect food happens to be a very welcome bonus. The nutritional qualities of the avocado are outstanding, containing over 25 essential nutrients and beneficial phytochemicals. This combined with their smooth and subtle flavor makes them a welcome addition to our juice.

There are over a dozen known varieties of avocado, but it is one type in particular that we see tend to in the shops. This is the Hass variety and it has garnered a reputation for its rich and creamy taste. Although most people would consider them to be a vegetable, avocados are actually a fruit, and only really considered vegetables as a result of the way we use them in our cooking. Avocados have a similar shape to a pear and have deep green leathery skins – leading them to also be known as alligator pears. Underneath their skin they contain a pale, creamy flesh that surrounds their huge, single seed.

This fruit originated from the wilds of Central and South America, and evidence suggests that they have been cultivated since 8,000 B.C. In the 17th Century the avocado was spread to Jamaica and from there, Asia. “Western” cultivation of the avocado didn’t actually begin until the beginning of the 20th Century – but have since become a culinary favorite.

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