Coming supercharged with powerful nutrients, and toting a unique earthy sweet taste, beetroots are quickly becoming a dinner time favorite, as well as a tasty addition to many drinks and deserts. It may not be the first thing you think of when considering ingredients for a juice, but trust us, it works!

Beetroots are dark, round root vegetables that belong to the same family of plants as spinach and chard. Whilst the entire plant is technically edible, it is the root of the vegetable that is savored for its nutritional value and sweet taste. Although usually dark purple in color, the beetroot can also be white or gold, and is grown readily across Russia, Europe and the USA.

Like many recent vegetables, beetroots were first cultivated by the Romans and spread across their empire. It then quickly grew in popularity during the 19th century for its sugar content. Today it is ubiquitous with an ever growing trend and cultural shift towards the hip and healthy. It can be found as part of the menus of many a trendy restaurant, as well as part of the diets of those looking to keep themselves in shape – making it a perfect ingredient to our healthy slow juices.

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