Although the outer exterior of the cantaloupe may look pretty unappealing, the juicy flesh contained within is some of the most delicious and luscious fruit around. In fact, although its unwelcoming exterior may suggest otherwise, the flesh of the cantaloupe is highly known for its beauty boosting qualities. It just goes to show, it’s what’s inside that really counts!

The cantaloupe, also sometimes referred to as a “muskmelon” or “rockmelon”, is a melon and member of cucurbit family of plants - which also includes cucumber, pumpkins, gourds and many other melons. Often identified by the extensive webbing on their outer skins, the actual flesh of the cantaloupe can vary greatly in appearance depending on its variety – ranging from a very light salmon colour, all the way to a deep vibrant orange.

The actual origin of the cantaloupe is somewhat disputed and unknown. A great deal of the melon members of this family originate from Africa, so it is generally thought that this is where the cantaloupe came from. However, African melons themselves could be ancestral descendants originating from Asia! So there is no way to be sure!

What we do know though, is that cantaloupe melons are brimming with goodness, so we had to have them as an ingredient in some of our juices!

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