Chinese Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage

Chinese cabbage is not something you see every day in Europe, but is a vegetable that is steadily increasing in popularity as the taste of the orient becomes ever more popular. As the name suggests, Chinese cabbage is thought to originate from China, and is a large part of Asian cuisine. There is a lot of hidden power and high nutrition contained within this vegetable, all of which we have aimed to harness.

The Chinese cabbage is closely related to the cabbages more commonly seen in the West. They grow in a much more cylindrical shape than our spherical varieties, and produce densely packed, long pale green leaves.

First recordings of Chinese cabbage date back to the time of the Ming Dynasty, where the herbalist Li Shizhen studied it for its medical and health boosting qualities. It was first found growing in the Yangtze River delta region, but quickly spread throughout china to become a staple part of the Chinese diet. It was then introduced to Korea, where it is now used for making Kimchi, and then later to Japan in when it was brought back by Japanese soldiers returning from war. It has since spread throughout the world.

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