A popular and refreshing summertime snack, cucumbers are the fourth most cultivated vegetables in the world. These long green juicy vegetables are deceptively healthy, and absolutely packed full of goodness. They offer a cool and subtle taste, that when combined in our slow juices, makes for a sumptuous and healthy treat.

Cucumber belongs to the same family of plants as melons and squashes (known as Curcubitaceae), hence their juicy flesh. If you go to a supermarket to buy one you will notice that they are often long, smooth and green. Although this is the most commonly seen type of cucumber, they can come in a whole array of lengths, colors and textures.

It is thought that the cucumber originated from India, from where they spread to Greece and Italy, followed by the rest of Europe. They have been cultivated for thousands of years, with early references to the vegetable being found in scripts dating back to 2500 BC. Their ease of growth, high nutrition and refreshing taste has allowed them to endure as one of the globe's most favorite vegetable right up until this day.

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