Fennel is an extremely nutritious and versatile vegetable that is popular all over Europe, (especially Italy and France). Although its nutritional value is a great benefit, it is not the only reason for fennels popularity. This is more down to its mild, but distinctive taste and aroma – a taste and aroma very similar to liquorice. It not only ensures that our slow juice is healthy, but that it also has a certain zing to its flavor!

As you would imagine of a popular vegetable, fennel is cultivated quite extensively. Every component of fennel has its own value, and can be split into 3 main parts. These are the large, bulbous root, its airy, carrot-like top like fronds, and the seeds they contain. It is the root that is often used for culinary purposes, and that contains the greatest concentration of nutrients.

It is thought that fennel originated in the Mediterranean regions of the world, where it has long been cultivated and used for both medicinal and culinary purposes. Since its spread across the world, fennel has held a place in Ancient Chinese medicine, for which it was used to ease congestion and stimulate the appetite.

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