Granny SmithGranny Smith

The Granny Smith is an apple that is both popular and highly regarded for its powerfully healthy benefits. Whilst sharing many of the nutritional qualities common to most apples, the Granny Smith apple really excels when it comes to anti-oxidant activity – making it a perfect addition to our slow juices.

These apples are most commonly characterized by their light green color, crisp flesh, and sharp juicy taste. It is thought to be a hybrid, created from a mix between the European Wild Apple and a more domesticated variety.

The Granny Smith originates from Australia and was conceived in 1868. It was actually the result of a chance seedling found by Maria Ann Smith, who propagated it and was rewarded with bountiful results. Although she died only 2 years after its discovery, the Granny Smith spread as other local orchard owners and planters took note of it. From there it was only a matter of time before this wonderful green jewel spread further to such places as Europe and the USA.

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