Health Benefits Basil

So what exactly does basil add to our cold pressed juices? Well, the following effects should give you some idea:


The compounds of basil have antimicrobial properties, inhibiting and breaking down the growth of harmful bacteria.


Basil contains eugenol, which has been shown to effectively relieve inflammation.

Helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol

The combined components in basil can lower both glucose levels within the blood as well as lower cholesterol. This helps prevent cardiovascular disease and the resulting risk of heart attack.

Powerful anti-oxidant

Basil contains some powerful anti-oxidants that help protect the body on a cellular level from free-radicals.

Rich in vitamin K

Basil is extremely rich in vitamin K, an essential vitamin used for many bodily processes.

Supports a healthy immune system

It has a high vitamin C content, helping support a healthy immune and central nervous system.

Helps maintain healthy and radiant skin

Basil contains a large amount of vitamin A, used to maintain healthy skin and eyes.

Highly nutritious

Basil also contains a very large amounts of other nutrients, such as iron and manganese, all of which help keep the body in tip top condition.