Health Benefits Beetroot

So what does this super veg have to offer? Here are the benefits it adds to some of our juices:

Improves stamina and athletic performance

Beetroots are packed to the brim with nitrates, which the body uses to make nitrite and nitric acid. Combined, these help protect blood vessels from damage, as well as dilate them, to allow more oxygen to reach your muscles - making it possible to exercise for longer without tiring.

Reduces blood pressure and risks of heart attack

Once again the nitrates within beetroot shine forth, as they help reduce blood pressure and the associated risk of heart attack.

Helps support healthy tissue growth

Beetroots contain a huge dose of folic acid, which is an essential component in healthy tissue growth.

Supports healthy hair, nail and bones

Our slow juiced beetroot juice contains healthy amounts of silica, which is used to produce nails and hair, as well as supporting musculo-skeletal health – reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Can stabilize blood sugar

Although high in natural sugars, beetroots have a very low glycemic load of 2.0, meaning its sugars are converted very slowly. This helps stabilize sugar levels within the bloodstream.

Fights off anemia and fatigue

Beetroots have a high iron content, boosting hemoglobin production in the blood and ensuring oxygen gets where it needs.

Acts as a powerful anti-oxidant

The pigment that gives beetroots their distinct coloring also acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, helping maintain cellular structure by defending them from free-radicals.

Helps slow dementia

The nitrate content in cold-pressed beetroot juice doesn’t just get more oxygen to the muscles, it also gets a greater supply to the brain, helping to keep the brain healthy.