Health Benefits Broccoli

Broccoli isn’t just used to make a plate of food look greener. It has some potent health benefits for anyone who consumes it. The broccoli within our slow juices has the following properties to offer:

Reduces cholesterol

The compounds within broccoli can help to reduce cholesterol, helping support the cardiovascular system, prevent disease and the risk of heart attack.

Powerful anti-oxidant

Broccoli has many anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic compounds that help rid the body of toxins and other harmful substances whilst protecting cells from free-radicals.

Reduces inflammation and allergies

Broccoli is rich in kaempferol omega-3 amino acids and isothiocyanates, which act to both reduce inflammation as well and reduce the severity of allergic reactions.

Supports a healthy immune system

Broccoli contains high amounts of vitamin C, which helps support a healthy immune system.

Undoes the damage caused by high blood sugar levels

The compounds within broccoli can prevent and reverse damage to blood vessel lining caused by chronic blood sugar problems.

Rich in vitamin K

Broccoli contains high levels of vitamin K, an essential vitamin for many processes within the body.

Supports healthy bone structure

There is a lot of calcium hidden within broccoli, helping to support healthy bone structure.

Alkalizes the body

Broccoli alkalizes the body, stopping it from becoming too acidic. This is essential for maintaining a healthy system.