Health Benefits Cantaloupe

So what’s so special about cantaloupes? Well, the following are just a few of the health benefits they contain that roll over into our juices:

Low in calories

Cantaloupes have an extremely low calorie count, with one whole normal cantaloupe having roughly 275 calories in it. This makes it a perfect for anyone who is trying to cut down or watch their weight whilst maintaining healthy nutrition.

High nutrition

Although it may contain few calories, the cantaloupe is extremely rich in nutrients, such as vitamin B and manganese, ensuring the body has everything it needs to boost health and wellbeing.

Supports the immune system

One of the major nutrients held within the cantaloupe is vitamin C, which is used to help support a healthy and strong immune system, as well as the central nervous system.

Keeps eyes and skin healthy

Another major nutrient contained within the slow juice of this lovely fruit is vitamin A, which is used by the body to maintain healthy eyes and skin. Recent studies suggest one of the carcinogens found within tobacco can cause a vitamin A deficiency, so this juice is ideal for those who are regularly exposed to smoke!

Rich in Omega-3!

Cantaloupe contains a lot of omega 3, which keeps the heart and brain running at top performance.

Helps prevent cardiovascular disease

Cantaloupe is rich in a compound called adenosine, which is often prescribed to people with heart problems to help keep their blood thin. The adenosine can help prevent blood clots within the cardiovascular system.

Helps you relax and stay calm

The juice of the cantaloupe has a high potassium content, which the body uses to support metabolism, regulate heart rhythm, regulating blood pressure, contribute to electrochemical nerve impulses as well as ensure there is an efficient supply of oxygen to the brain. This can reduce stress, keep you calm, and keep you focused.

A powerful anti-oxidant

Cantaloupe contains some powerful anti-oxidants, which help support and protect cell structure, as well help remove toxins.