Health Benefits Celery

The health benefits of celery often go unknown. The following are some of the benefits cold-pressed celery brings to our juice:

Good for eye and skin care

Celery contains a good portion of vitamin A, which is used by the body to maintain and support healthy eyes and skin.

Reduces cholesterol

Celery contains a flavonoid known as butylphthalide. It is a compound that is known to reduce cholesterol, thus supporting the cardiovascular system and reducing the risk of disease and heart attack.

Lowers blood pressure

Celery also contains another component that helps support the cardiovascular system. This is a compound called phthalide, which acts to reduce and regulate blood pressure.

Boosts sexual arousal

Celery contains two pheromones that have been found to boost sexual arousal within humans.

Alkalizes the body

Slow press celery juice helps keep acidity levels within the body in check, which is essential for a whole manner of healthy processes.


Celery contains a medley of minerals, of which magnesium is present. Magnesium is known to have calming effects on the nervous system. This also makes celery a good aid to sleep.


The compounds within celery offer a good deal of anti-inflammatory relief.

Great aid to weight loss and control

This is probably what celery is most well-known for. It contains a very low calorie count, making it a great aid to those looking to take better control over their weight.

Rich in vitamin K

Celery contains a good deal of vitamin K, which is essential for all kinds of process within the body, including maintaining healthy bones and immune system.