Health Benefits Cucumber

Cucumber is often overlooked as a healthy food, with people often just thinking it has a high water content. The truth is, cucumber has a lot to offer, and these great benefits can be seen in our juice.

Fight heartburn

It’s not just the taste of cucumber that is cooling. It contains compounds that fight internal heats, such as heartburn – offering a degree of relief.


The high water content of cucumber mixed with its nutritional content is the perfect mixture to scrub the innards of the body clean, flushing out harmful toxins and chemicals.

Supports healthy skin

Cucumber contains magnesium, potassium and silicon and vitamin A, all of which benefit the maintenance of the skin.

Helps with weight loss and control

Cucumbers are extremely low in calories whilst at the same time being nutritious. This means that when they are used as part of a healthy diet, they can be a great aid in weight loss and control, allowing the body to get all of the nutrients it needs without consuming too many calories.

Combat fatigue

Cucumbers contain a high amount of vitamin B, which is used by the body in the process of producing natural energy. It can be a great way to help move away from borrowed energy such as caffeine, or treating deficiency related fatigue.

Helps support cardiovascular health

It has been found that cucumber contains enzymes which are needed in the production of insulin. It also contain sterols, which help lower cholesterol. These two combined work extremely well in supporting and maintaining the cardiovascular system, helping prevent disease and the related heart attacks.

Supports the immune system

Cucumbers contain vitamin C, which helps support the immune system.