Health Benefits Fennel

So apart from its tantalizing taste, why have we chosen to include fennel in some of our slow juice? Well, it has a lot of health benefits, and the following is an outline of just what is on offer.

Helps relieve anemia and fatigue

Fennel contains iron, which the body uses to produce hemoglobin, a component of the blood responsible for transporting oxygen around the body. Ensuring your body has enough prevents anemia and helps you stay energized.

Unique anti-oxidant properties

Fennel contains a very unique combination phytonutrients, which includes rutin, quercetin and various glycosides. These work together in perfect balance to produce a very strong anti-oxidant effect – protecting the body from free radicals, toxins and cell degeneration. Combined with vitamin C, fennel is quite a force to be reckoned with.

Helps prevent flatulence

The aspartic acid found within fennel has carminative properties, helping to prevent the build-up of excess gas.

Aids digestion

The components within fennel stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, aiding nutrient breakdown and absorption.

Boosts brain power

Fennel contains potassium, which boosts the electrical activity of the brain and ensures messages are sent throughout the body in an efficient and healthy manner. Potassium also increases oxygen flow to the brain, allowing its cells to perform their tasks at an optimal level.

Reduces blood pressure and supports the cardiovascular system

Once again the potassium content of fennel shines through. It acts as a vasodilator, releasing tension in the blood vessels, allowing them to dilate. This in turn reduces blood pressure and the strain it puts on the system. It supports the cardiovascular system by helping to prevent such things as heart attacks and strokes.


Fennel contains natural components such as anetol and cineole, which both have anti-bacterial properties. This can aid the body in clearing up infections, as well as fighting bacteria caused illnesses like diarrhea.

Supports the immune system

Fennel is rich in vitamin C, an essential vitamin used in the upkeep of a healthy immune system.

Helps reduce the severity of mistral disorders

Fennel is an emenagogue, which means that it helps regulate hormones within the body, easing the severity of menstruation symptoms.

Helps relieve respiratory disorders

The anetol and cineole within fennel are not just anti-bacterial in nature. They are also expectorants, aiding in the clearing of mucus that can get stuck in the airways – helping relieve symptoms of respiratory disorder suffers.

Aids cleansing

Fennel acts as a diuretic, increasing the rate toxins are flushed from the body in our urine – aiding speedy cleansing.