Health Benefits Lime

Whether you are trying to boost health, get your weight in check, or fight off various ailments, the qualities of lime can be a huge boost. The following are some of the properties it adds to our juice:

Improved skin care

The compounds within lime juice are excellent for boosting skin health, helping it stay soft and glowing. It also helps prevent infection of the skin, as well as helps reduce body odor.

Improves digestion

The flavonoids found within lime juice stimulate the digestive system, increasing the amount of digestive juices and acids within our gastrointestinal tract. This helps break down particularly tough foods and allows the body to absorb their nutrients.

Supports the cardiovascular system

The main flavonoid within lime, known as hesperidin, has been shown to lower cholesterol. This helps maintain the cardiovascular system.


Lime juice is a powerful anti-oxidant, and contains compounds that help protect cell structure, fight off free radicals and remove toxins from the body – going some way to help aiding and boosting general wellbeing.

Boosted immune system

Lime juice contains a great deal of vitamin C, which helps support and strengthen the immune system as well as maintain the central nervous system.

Great anti-inflammatory properties

Some conditions, such as arteritis, are caused by a build-up of uric acid. Excess uric acid is dissolves in the citric acid found in lime juice, and can thus be easily passed from the body – reducing inflammation.

Helps prevent kidney stones

The citric acid in lime juice has also been shown to help prevent the creation of kidney stones.

Great for weight loss

The combination of low calories, high nutrition and powerful anti-oxidants makes lime juice the perfect body cleanser, and booster, for those looking to control their weight.