Health Benefits Mango

Mangos are known as the King of Fruits for a reason, and it is not just for their unique and tantalizing taste. The following are some of the healthy properties mangos add to some of our cold pressed juices:

Lowers cholesterol

Mango helps to lower cholesterol, supporting cardiovascular activity.

Maintains healthy eyes and skin

It has a rich vitamin A content, helping maintain healthy and fresh eyes and skin. The compounds within mango also help unclog pores and lessen spots.

Alkalizes the body

Mango helps to alkalize the body, preventing it from becoming too acidic – which is essential for optimal and healthy function.

Improves Sex drive

Mango is very high in vitamin E, which is linked to maintaining and stimulating the sex drive.

Boosts the immune system

The high vitamin C content helps keep the immune system in tip top condition.


Mango contains a lot of vitamin B-6 which is essential for the production of the GABA neurotransmitter. GABA inhibits some nerve transmission in the central nervous system, thus having a calming effect.

Nutrient rich

Mango is rich in many other nutrients and minerals, such as manganese, copper and zinc, which are all important for various process within the body.