Passion Fruit

The Health Benefits of Passionfruit

The delights of passionfruit go well beyond its exotic and unusual flavour. It has a whole load of health benefits to offer, which we have pressed into our slow juices:

Powerful Antioxidant

The various vitamins and flavonoids contained within passionfruit all work together to help eliminate toxins and protect the body from damaging oxidants.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Passionfruit is extremely rich in potassium and contains almost no sodium. This makes passion fruit extremely effective at helping to prevent a high blood pressure.

Helps Maintain Healthy Eyes

Passionfruit is full of both vitamin A and C, as well as beta carotene. These are used to maintain and boost healthy eye function, and help slow the deterioration in vision that comes with age.

Boosts Haemoglobin and Prevents Anaemia

The combination of a high vitamin C and iron content results in boosted haemoglobin levels, as well more efficient oxygen absorption. This helps prevent anaemia and the fatigue that can result from an iron deficiency.

Boosts the Immune System

Passionfruit contains high levels of vitamin C and A, xanthin, and beta carotene. Each of these are well known to boost and optimise the functioning of the immune system, allowing it to better defend from infection and disease.

Cardiovascular Health

High levels of potassium combined with an almost undetectable fat and cholesterol content help keep the heart and cardiovascular system clean and healthy.

Enhances Mood

The alkaloids within Passionfruit are known to have mildly sedative properties, helping ease stress and boost mood.