Health Benefits Spinach

Belonging to a family of super veg, you would expect spinach to have some powerful health benefits, and you would not be wrong. The following are the advantages that can be gained from our slow juices containing spinach:

Fights anemia and exhaustion

As picked up upon by the cartoon Popeye, spinach has a very high iron content. This allows for the production of hemoglobin within the blood, which is used to transport oxygen around the body. By ensuring the body has an ample and efficient supply of oxygen, it is possible to exercise for longer, feel less tired, and overcome exhaustion and anemia.

Protects vision

Our spinach slow juice contains lutein and zeaxanthin, anti-oxidants found naturally within the spinach that help protect the eyes from cataracts and other age related disorders.

Promotes healthy skin

There is a high amount of vitamin A within spinach, which is used to produce healthy looking radiant skin, amongst other uses within the body.

Lowers blood pressure

The peptides within spinach have been shown to inhibit angiotensin I-converting enzymes, resulting in reduced blood pressure.

Rich in vitamin K

Spinach is absolutely packed to the brim with vitamin K, which is an essential vitamin in many bodily functions, including the maintenance of healthy bones. The huge amounts also help prevent calcification – the process of unwanted calcium forming up on body tissue.

Supports a healthy immune and central nervous system

In addition to high amounts of vitamin K, spinach contains a healthy amount of vitamin C. The two of these vitamins work together to boost, maintain and support healthy functioning within the immune and central nervous systems.


Spinach contains two compounds that work in conjunction with each other to reduce and regulate swelling and inflammation.

Boosts gastrointestinal health

Spinach contains both vitamin C and beta-carotene that act to protect the gastrointestinal tract on a cellular level – leading to overall better gut health.

Low calories, high nutrition – ideal for losing or controlling weight

The combination of low calories and high nutrition contained within cold-pressed spinach juice allows for those wanting to watch their weight gain everything their body needs to stay healthy whilst reducing calorie intake.