Other than offering a tasty and zesty twist to food and drink, lemons have a lot going for them on the nutritional side of things. They can be a great aid to weight loss, cleanse the body and enrich it with nutrients. Whatever your reasoning is, even if it is just for the great taste, choosing a juice with lemon in it will always be a great choice.

Lemons are often oval in shape and yellow in color. Much like other citrus fruit, the flesh of the lemon is segmented and contained within a tough skin. Although often tart and sour in taste, the lemon is actually a surprisingly refreshing fruit, making it a great addition to juices.

It is thought that the lemon originates from either China or India, as a result of crossing lime with citron some 2500 years ago. It was introduced to Europe by Middle Eastern traders, who brought it to Spain in the 11th Century. From there it was introduced to northern Africa. Although it was first brought to Spain, it is actually Crusaders who are largely credited for spreading lemon around Europe when they brought some back from their travels. Lemons were also a large part in the journey to the New World, as the rich vitamin C content was ideal for fighting off the scurvy that was common place on long sea voyages. Ever since their discovery, lemons have remained a popular fruit throughout our culture right up until this day.

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