These little beauties are one of the most widely used citrus fruits around when it comes to preparing food and drink. A dash of lime can really bring out and enhance the flavor of a meal, or add a zesty twist to a cocktail. However, this is not the only use for a lime. Lime juice has a great deal of hidden potential, and is full of nutrients and compounds that have a reputation for enhancing both beauty and health.

Limes are very small citrus fruits that are round in shape and rarely grow to more than 2 inches in diameter. They grow green in color, and can be either sweet or sour.

Originating from Southeast Asia, the lime grows on trees well suited to tropical and sub-tropical climates. It is thought that traders from the Middle East brought back lime trees from Asia and introduced them to North Africa. Centuries later, as the lime spread through trade, British seafarers used limes for their rich nutrient content to fight off scurvy on their long voyages – leading to the British earning the nickname “Limeys”.

Putting lime in some of our cold pressed juices adds that special twist to the flavor, whilst packing it full of nutritional goodness that your body can use to stay healthy and beautiful.

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