Referred to as the “King of Fruits”, mango has such a sumptuous and sweet taste that it is easy to forget that it is so healthy! It is a tropical and exotic fruit that can now be found (sometimes only seasonally) in supermarkets across Europe, and is so jam-packed full of nutrients that there is no way we couldn’t include them in our juices!

There are over 400 varieties of mango, all ranging in size and color. They are usually a mix of greens reds and oranges, and oval in shape. They can be quite large and contain a flat, oblong seed that is often hard to remove from the actual flesh of the fruit.

Originating from South-East Asia, the mango was cultivated for thousands of years, with cultivation only really spreading to the rest of Asia during the 10th Century. The mango was later spread during the 14th Century by Moroccan travelers, and is now widely cultivated in most frost free sub-tropical or tropical climate – with nearly half the world’s supply being grown in India.

Mangos hold a lot of cultural significance in India. The goddess Ambika is often depicted sitting under a mango tree, whilst in Hinduism, Ganesh is often depicted holding a ripe mango, symbolizing attainment of perfection.

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