Passion Fruit


Adored for its sweet and tart flavour, passionfruit has long been seen as an exotic and luxurious delicacy throughout Europe. As such, you can often find it used as part of gourmet desserts, or tropically tantalising juices. However, the popularity behind passionfruit isn’t just a result of its unique taste or luxurious status. It is an extremely nutritious fruit, not only making it a taste sensation, but a health one as well.

Passionfruit is the fruit of the Passiflora edulis, a vine native to the sub-tropical regions of the world. It is a particularly vigorous climber that will ensnare anything it can grapple onto. The fruit itself is normally purple or yellow in colour, consisting of a tough outer shell that protects the pulpy, juicy seeds sacs within.

It is widely believed that passionfruit originated from Paraguay, before spreading to the rest of South America. It is now cultivated on a commercial level across the globe, and has become an exotic favourite ever since.

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