When you think of tropical and exotic fruit, it is often pineapple that springs to mind. The pineapple is one of the world’s most popular tropical fruits. It has a unique sweet taste, unforgettable appearance, and most importantly, is bursting with goodness. There are many benefits to be had from including pineapple juice as part of a regular diet – no wonder it's so popular.

Pineapples are part of the Bromeliaceae family of plants, which is most famous for having prevalent amounts of the important and healthy enzyme bromelain. A pineapple itself is not just one fruit, but actually a collection fruitlets that have fused together from multiple flowers into one central entity. The appearance of a pineapple is quite unforgettable, with its cylindrical shape, crisscrossed browny/yellow skin, and eruption of green leaves from the top.

The pineapple was first discovered by European settlers on the island that came to be known as Guadalupe. However, it is actually thought that the origin of the pineapple is located in South America. It was through the Europeans that the pineapple was spread, as its trees were shipped to colonies across the world, including those in Asia and Africa. Upon their discovery, fresh pineapples became quite a rarity, as they were hard to transport before they perished. As a result, it became a huge status symbol on colonial times to actually have access to the fresh fruit. Today pineapples are a common sight, and are continuing to be enjoyed the world over.

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