Spinach is a leafy green full of potent nutrients. It has famously appeared in the cartoon Popeye for its energy giving qualities. Whilst it may not actually give instant super muscles, the healthy medley of nutrient it contains will certainly help get you up, active and energized. If you are looking for all-round protection, and boost to your energy levels, then look for our slow juices with spinach in!

Spinach belongs to the chenopodiaceous family of plants, also sometimes referred to as the goosefoot family. It is a family of powerhouse vegetables, which includes beetroots and chard. Spinach tends to grow with large, jade green leaves that can bush out quite a lot if left to its own devices. It has an earthy taste which nicely complements the other vegetables we use in our cold-pressed juices.

It is thought that spinach is of Persian origin, spreading to Europe in the 12th Century, where it quickly developed a reputation for its healthy qualities – a reputation that has stood firm to this day. This is no surprise, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that spinach is a superfood, you can tell just from its consumption! So as you can imagine, we didn’t want to leave it out of some of our delicious juices!

A piece of fun spinach trivia: One notable figure of history who could not get enough of the stuff was Catherine de Medici. During the 16th century, she left her home of Florence, Italy to marry the king of France. She brought her own personal chef along with her, so that he could prepare her spinach just the way she liked. Ever since then, serving any food on a bed of spinach is has been referred to as “a la Florentine”.

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