Almonds are an extraordinary ingredient to both sweet and savoury dishes. Their crunchy texture and unique flavour make them a perfect material both for snacking and cooking. Almonds are healthy and tasty, but you need a proper package to preserve their freshness and properties. Refrigerated or frozen almonds can keep up to one year.

Almonds contain a good amount of proteins and minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, and soluble fibre, helping to slow down the uptake of cholesterol in our blood. They are one of the richest foods in vitamin E, which protects cells against the aging effect from free radicals. Raw almonds are one of the best nuts for a weight loss programme.

Top quality almonds, such as Uzuma’s from USA, are a great energy snack, both alone or mixed with cereals and fruit, sprinkled over yogurt, desserts and salads. They can be chopped in savoury or sweet foods, cooked or raw, to give them a crunch. Fresh almond flour can be milled with a blender or a grinder and mixed with other baking flours.