Cashews are seeds of the cashew apple; this fruit grows on the cashew tree that originally grew in certain areas of Brazil. Nowadays cashew trees can be found not only in Brazil and the Caribbean, but in many other places too (the ones presented at Uzuma shop come from Vietnam, for example). They belong to the same family as the pistachio nut and the mango.

You won’t find any shelled cashews in stores; their shell contains a certain resin that has to be removed before you can eat these nuts. Cashews can be consumed just as they are, fresh or roasted or even added to various dishes, such as salads, soups and so on. They can also be turned into a cream, which you can use as a dressing or a sauce. Moreover, there’s also a cashew butter, which is delicious and can become a great addition to your daily diet. This butter can be used in cocktails; for example, if you mix it with rice or soy milk, you’ll get an amazing and healthy protein cocktail as the result.