Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts can be a tough nut to crack literally. The macadamia tree is not so tough and can only thrive in very particular conditions. It is in fact a native Australian species, that was completely unknown to Europeans until the early 19th century. The fruits of the macadamia tree are of course macadamia nuts. Trees can vary in size from the size of a man to taller than a standard two storey home, but the best macadamia nuts are consistently crunchy on the outside and buttery inside, with a wonderful creamy flavour.

Our macadamia nuts are exclusively sourced from Turkey, as the fertile soil and warm temperatures are more conducive to the requirements of the macadamia tree. Temperatures of 25°C and never below 10°C ensure a superior quality macadamia nut. Also, the low humidity of the regions for macadamia cultivation in Turkey helps to avoid root rot, which can plague the macadamia tree and spoil the fruits. Macadamia nuts make for a nice snack and it's best you use a nutcracker by the way, however, macadamia nuts are often the secret ingredient of chefs and bakers. Everything from homemade cookies to curry dishes benefits from the addition of macadamia nuts. Trust us, your taste buds will thank us.