Pecan Nuts

The pecan is a member of the hickory family native to the Southern United States and Mexico. Our Pecan nuts are sourced directly from the US as only the hot humid summers of States like Georgia and Texas can produce the perfect pecan nuts. Pecan nuts are technically culinary nuts and delicious either fresh or infused in a variety of baked goods and desserts. Traditional favourites like Pecan Pie exploit the soft buttery texture of the pecan nut which tends to enhance sweet and salty flavours in particular.

Europeans first encountered the Pecan nut in the 16th century in what is now modern day Texas. Ever since then it’s been a New World delight and a genuine treat for the palate. Pecan trees are remarkable for their longevity too. It’s not uncommon for pecan trees to live and consistently produce edible seeds for three centuries or more. To enjoy our pecan nuts is to taste the original delicacy of the Native American tribes. Sweet or Salty you decide pecan nuts are enjoyed by everyone from health nuts to those with a sweet tooth.