Did you know that Pistachio nuts are actually a seed? It’s a common mistake; often little details can be overlooked. Well to be specific it’s a culinary nut and a member of the cashew family with ancient origins. Pistachios have been a delicacy in the Middle-East for thousands of years, that’ right archaeologists in modern day Turkey have made finds evidencing human consumption dating back as far as 7000BC. The Pistachio was once even a forbidden nut. As legend has it, pistachios were declared the exclusive nuts of the elite ruling class by the Queen of Sheba. A royal culinary nut.

Pistachios are a desert plant that thrives in hot dry climatic conditions. Since the days of the ancient Silk Road the trade in pistachios has been international. The pistachios cultivated in Persia have always been prized above all others for their unique flavour and distinctly autumnal shaded shells containing rich cream coloured nuts. With global commerce came expanded production into areas with less than ideal environmental conditions. The Pistachio is selective where it will and will not thrive, therefore all pistachio nuts are not created equal. Only genuine heirloom pistachios cultivated slowly, often over decades in modern day Iran, can be considered the very best pistachios. We notice these little things and we trust you will appreciate our superior pistachios.