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Receive all of our 7 tasty flavors and all the information of our different programs. Get to know our nutritious slow juices that are packed full of all the essential vitamins, enzymes and compounds. This way you can try and taste all of our slow juices before you make a follow-up order. Our Uzuma Sample Package is free of shipping costs!

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Uzuma Sample Package

Try and taste all our flavors

All of our of slow juice recipes have all been individually crafted to ensure they are refreshing, tasty, and most importantly, packed full of all the essential vitamins, enzymes and compounds you need to support a healthy lifestyle. Just one 240ml bottle of our freshly pressed slow juice contains the same nutrition as 1 kilo of fresh vegetables and fruit, and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, with ease and convenience.

Our Uzuma slow juice range contains the following amount of calories per bottle (240 ml):

RISE: 92 kcal
AURA: 89 kcal
FUSE: 70 kcal
ZEN: 104 kcal
SHINE: 87 kcal
VIBE: 75 kcal
KARMA: 106 kcal

After you’ve tasted them and fell in love with our 7 slow juices, it is possible to maintain a healthy nutrition by choosing for one of our four Uzuma programmes.

SLIM Programme: Our SLIM programme has been specifically designed to aid overweight people in losing their excess weight in a quick, healthy and safe manner. The high nutrient content and low calorie intake will have kilos falling away in no time!

STEADY Programme: Once you have reached your desired weight, our STEADY programme can help you maintain it. It has been specifically designed to help you control your weight with a blend of nutrient rich slow juice to supplement healthy eating.

FIT Programme: Not everyone wants to start a regime or make massive changes to the way they live, but that doesn’t mean nutrition is not important. The Uzuma FIT programme is there for anyone who wants to include an extra potent dose of nutrition as part of their daily lifestyle, without having to make their daily diet revolve around it – simply promoting a better level of health and wellbeing.

DETOX Programme: This highly nutritious package is designed to cleanse your body! The Uzuma DETOX programme is tailored to give your body the time, nutritients and antioxidants it needs to get back on track and bring your wellbeing back into equilibrium - helping facilitate a full and healthy lifestyle.

*no discount codes possible in combination with our Uzuma Sample Package. 
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