Acai powder

Acai powder is a superfood made from acai berry. This small berry grows on palm trees that can be found in South and Central America (in tropical regions only). It is very tasty (its taste reminds both berry and chocolate) and has a lot of omega fats, proteins and fiber. Moreover, it is a great source of antioxidants. Due to these properties, acai berry is used in folk medicine of Brazilian Amazon people a lot.

Though most people know acai as a superfood that appeared only recently, people of the Brazilian Amazon have been eating it for ages. Acai berry is an ordinary part of a local diet and almost every average person eats it every day. Acai juice is also very popular: locals can consume 2 liters of it a day. However, one can receive all benefits of acai berry not only by eating berries or by drinking juice: acai powder can be added to various dishes, starting from smoothies, shakes and yoghurts and ending with desserts and fruit cocktails. It gives these dishes a delicious and mild flavor due to its unique taste.