Organic cacao is a superfood made from cacao beans. It comes in many forms: you can add cacao nibs, cacao butter or cacao butter to your daily diet, making it more delicious and nutritious too. You can add these products to milkshakes, cocktails, smoothies and bakery, and use them to sweeten other dishes.

Cacao beans are basically the seeds of fruits growing on Amazonian trees. These seeds were so treasured in ancient times that the Aztecs and Mayans even used them as a money. Even back then natives used to add cacao beans to their ration, making various beverages out of them.

While an average chocolate bar or supermarket cocoa is too sweetened and doesn’t have much nutrients, raw cacao has known for its high antioxidant powers. Unlike supermarket chocolate bars, it has many nutrients, starting with vitamins and ending with minerals including zinc, magnesium and iron. Moreover, organic cacao has less fat than other nuts and beans, and rarely causes allergies. That’s why it is perfect for people who have a sweet tooth, but want to eat healthy food at the same time.