Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a superfood that, unlike flaxseeds, can be consumed just as it is. While they might seem like a brand new food to many of us, people living in Central America have been using chia seeds since ancient times, adding them to the food and using them in medicine too. Chia is a herb from the mint family. Its seeds are very nutritious and have a mild flavor, so you can add them to any meal you want without worrying that you’ll spoil its taste. Chia seeds are also a good addition to various kinds of drinks, including smoothies and cocktails. They also can be added to various sauces, yogurts, and bakery, as well as sprinkled on cereals and vegetables. Chia seeds are used in cosmetology too: You can find gels, which contain them.

These seeds are loaded with many important nutrients, such as antioxidants, protein, omega fats, calcium, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Adding them to your daily ration not only will make you feel better, but also will help to fulfill your daily need in vitamins and minerals.were used as a currency back then. Chia seeds come from various regions; the ones offered at Uzuma shop come from Bolivia.