Chlorella Powder

Chlorella powder is a superfood made from algae plant, which grows in freshwater. It was discovered in the late 19th century and is used in medicine since then. Chlorella grows in Japan, China, and Taiwan mostly (ours comes from China). It is processed, made into tablets, powder, and liquid extracts, and then send to foreign markets.

Chlorella powder is very nutritious: It contains a lot of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrate. It is good for boosting the immune system, for body cleansing and so on. However, it is important not to mess up with its dosage; while it's completely fine to add Chlorella powder to smoothies, yogurt, cocktails, and dishes, you have to be very accurate with the dose.

The appropriate dose is different for everyone as it depends on health condition, age and so on. It is important to consult your doctor to find out your appropriate dose, but if it’s impossible at the moment, remember that it’s better to add too little than too much Chlorella powder to your food. You can purchase high-quality Chlorella powder at Uzuma shop.