Health Benefits Of Coconut Sugar

We are all aware of the devastating effects that consuming too much sugar has on our health. Weight gain, increased cholesterol, tooth rot and heart problems are just a few dangers of the substance. However it cannot be denied that sweet tastes are pleasant in moderation and enhance the experience of eating.

Sweetness doesn't always have to be bad for us though, in fact it can even contribute to our health and energy levels in moderation. Take coconut sugar for example. This alternative is made from the sap of the Arenga sugar tree and can provide more than just sweetness.

Contains potassium

Although not massively heavy in this electrolyte, it still adds some health to a possible sweetener. Health benefits from ingesting potassium can include enhanced muscle strength.

Zinc and Calcium

Another benefit of coconut sugar is that it contains relative amounts of these two minerals. The essential trace element zinc is associated with immune function and the correct growth and maintenance of the body. The macro-mineral calcium is essential for numerous bodily functions, including heart, muscle and nerve function.


Coconut sugar houses a type of fibre known as inulin. As well as possibly slowing the absorption of glucose and contributing to coconut sugars lower glycemic index, inulin serves as a prebiotic that helps to cultivate beneficial bacteria within the gut.