Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are a protein-rich superfood that has been grown in many places around the globe for over 12,000 years. People used hemp seeds as a food, created textile, fiber, fuel and paper out of them. Now these seeds are used as a food supply to help people become healthier and to fulfill their daily need in vitamins and minerals. Such seeds are rich with healthy fats, vitamins, and, of course, proteins. They are grown in various countries these days: the ones that are sold at Uzuma shop come from Europe.

There are many ways to consume hemp seeds: you can eat them shelled, or sprinkle them on top of your dishes (such as yogurts, salads or cereals). If you have a blender, you can even make a milk out of them. They have a rich nutty flower and so be used in cooking by those who are allergic to nuts to replace their taste too.

There’s even a hemp seed oil. However, it has to be used differently than an ordinary cooking one: use it is a salad dressing or as a finishing oil for dishes like grilled vegetables or pasta.