Quinoa used to be one of the few sources of nutrition for farming families in the Andean region. This pseudocereal was considered to be sacred by the Incas and preserved through the ages. Today we consider quinoa as a super food and Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador are the main producers.

Quinoa seeds are quick-cooking and gluten-free. They taste slightly nutty and grainy, with a nice texture that perfectly substitutes rice or other cereals. Different landraces generate a rainbow of seeds’ colours. The most versatile is white quinoa with its delicate taste and a fluffier texture. Red quinoa has more intense nutty taste, holds longer cooking, and it’s perfect for salads. Black, Purple, Orange and other quinoa’s variety have subtle flavour differences, but they are fun to cook with.

You can instantly cook and blend quinoa seeds into smoothies, energy bars, quiches, or just throw them into salads. Connoisseurs use them as a binder for burgers, and even instead of bread crumbs for breaded meat or veggies. A wide choice of quinoa recipes for all tastes and needs is available online.